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Online Advertising is the best.

         Business owners occasionally go through the frustrating experience of trying to find a buyer on there own.  Tire kickers are a problem and present a real frustsration.  

        Business Consultants like ourselves recognise and successfully eliminate tire kickers quickly before become a real nuisance. We assess the experience, capability and financial ability of the buyer to proceed with successful negotiating.

Selling a Business ?

         Buyers contact us every day looking for a business to buy.  Thousands of entrepreneurs are using the online internet to locate businesses for sale.  We have a strong presence on the World Wide Web with our many websites giving people the opportunity to buy the businesses we have listed for sale in Alberta.

Finding Buyers

         We follow a procedure that works helping us locate buyers for many companies.  Here are some of the details.

           1.  We use the internet to find buyers.

           2.  Tire kickers are quickly eliminated.

           3.  Company information confidential.

           4.  Buyers are profiled as serious potentials.

           5.  Offer To Purchase agreements completed.

           6.  Subject to clauses are then removed.

           7.  Legal Purchase Agreement is draw up.

Free Consultation

          Contact us We will give you a free consultation. It is important to know the value of your business, which is a whole new topic by itself. We share our procedure and you decide if you want us to start working for you.


Company:  Business Resource Canada Ltd.

Email:  howard@sellmybusiness.ca

Webmaster:  Cornerstone

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